We do not want to become obsessed with everything that surrounds us, but we do want to help, and even more so if it affects our health and well-being, to change everything that is under our control. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has access to a kitchen that is as free as possible of toxins, plastics, heavy metals and endocrine disruptors. Our goal is to offer easy-to-use, safe and toxic-free cookware that raises the bar for the utensils we cook with. Our products are designed to promote your well-being and ealth, regardless of your level of experience in the kitchen.

All the factories with which we collaborate are meticulously selected, to ensure the highest quality and safety of the raw material and final product.
Our ceramic products are made in Italy. Stainless steel products in South Korea, and bamboo products in China.

Of course! We are delighted to be able to help you and accompany you in your projects, whatever it may be. Hospitality, interior design or any other. Simply send us an email to hello@kuokokitchen.com with your request and contact and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We know that it is not easy, but we also want to contribute our grain of sand to the planet. That’s why our products are recyclable or made from materials that can last you a lifetime. For wood, we work mostly with bamboo, which in addition to being an ideal material for a healthy kitchen, is biodegradable, sustainable and does not require deforestation to obtain it. If you want more information about all our materials, click

We also have a 0% Plastics policy. Both in our products and in the packaging, whenever it is avoidable. Our boxes are made from recycled cardboard, and all of them are 100% recyclable.

To ensure that the products reach you safe and sound, we protect them either with recycled paper or with biodegradable chips, which dissolve with water and can also be used to feed your plants!

How can I be a KUOKO distributor?

Send us an email to hello@kuokokitchen.com with the request and contact and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Send us an email to hello@kuokokitchen.com with the request and contact and we will contact you as soon
as possible.


KUOKO products are carefully manufactured and controlled to avoid any damage. In any case, they have a 2-year guarantee that covers possible manufacturing and/or material defects as long as the product is used under normal conditions of domestic use and in accordance with its instructions for use and care. The guarantee applies from the date of purchase of the product and for its due claim it is essential to present the purchase receipt.

The following points are not considered covered by the guarantee:

• Normal wear and tear of the utensil due to domestic, commercial or possible misuse.
that can be given

• Possible scratches, stains, discoloration or corrosion. Note that, Especially for ceramic utensils, small stains or discoloration may appear with use and time. This is only the
result of a 100% handmade production; does not alter the quality or performance of the product.

• Deformation or breakage of the product due to accidents, floods, theft, fire, or thermal shock caused by a considerable difference in temperature.

The guarantee is limited to the repair, free of charge, of the defective product. In the event that it is not possible, it will be replaced. In the event that the original product is not manufactured, it will be replaced by a similar product of equal or better performance.

To return the product under warranty, please contact hello@kuokokitchen.com. KUOKO customer service will respond as soon as possible to assess the situation and give you a solution!

We try to do everything in the best possible way and we pack carefully and safely, but sometimes life gives us lemons. Send us an email to hello@kuokokitchen.com and we’ll fix it for you!

We are convinced that you will love KUOKO products! but if they can’t convince you or you have received the wrong product, send an email to hello@kuokokitchen.com within 14 days of receiving your order. The KUOKO team will tell you how to proceed to process the return or exchange. Too easy!

Please keep the following points in mind when making a return or exchange:

• Returns that are not for wrong or defective items will have a small charge to compensate for the cost and processing of the return transport. €5 in the peninsula, €10 in EU countries and €20 for Switzerland and Liechtenstein. This amount will be deducted from the total amount to be returned. In the case of having purchased the product with a discount code, the price will be refunded once the discount has been applied.

• To make a return or exchange it is essential to include the purchase confirmation ticket or email in the package to be returned.

• The product must be in perfect condition, unused and in the original packaging. The refund will be made once the condition of the product has been verified and the amount will be returned through the same payment method used when making the purchase. If the product received is not in acceptable condition to be sold, we reserve the right to deny the refund.

• KUOKO will process the collection of the package.

• The product to be exchanged or returned must be sent back within 14 days once

Once the change or return has been requested through hello@kuokokitchen.com. Please make sure to properly package the product to avoid possible breakage during transport. KUOKO is not responsible for any damage that may occur to the product if it is not properly packaged and insured before it is returned to our warehouses.

Our payment platform accepts payments by Applye pay, Google pay and through Visa, Visa Credit, Mastercard and American Express.

The KUOKO website allows you to modify the shopping basket as many times as necessary, but once the purchase is confirmed and completed, there is no possibility of making changes or canceling the order

Orders sent to mainland Spain arrive within 2-4 business days. They arrive in the Balearic Islands within 3-5 business days.

Orders going to Europe will take between 4 and 9 working days depending on the country of destination.

At the moment we ship regularly to Spain (peninsula and islands), Portugal, Andorra, Germany, France, Monaco, Austria, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Likewise, we want to facilitate a toxic-free culture in as many homes as we can! If you want to receive your order outside the mentioned countries, contact us at hello@kuokokitchen.com and we will send your package wherever you want!

The GLS transport agency will send you a confirmation email as soon as they have the order with a tracking number. Through that you can see where your package is or how long it will take to arrive.

We would love to reduce shipping costs and are working on it, but due to the current circumstances, the cost of transport has risen a lot. That is why we subsidize a part of the shipping costs, but unfortunately we cannot take care of the total.

Country Cost (EUR) FREE Shipping
Spain and Portugal 5 EUR Orders over 150 EUR
Balearic Islands 15 EUR Orders over 225 EUR
Canary Islands 20 EUR Orders over 250 EUR
Andorra 10 EUR Orders over 225 EUR
Germany 10 EUR Orders over 225 EUR
France 10 EUR Orders over 225 EUR
Monaco 10 EUR Orders over 225 EUR
Austria 10 EUR Orders over 225 EUR
Belguim 10 EUR Orders over 225 EUR
Italy 10 EUR Orders over 225 EUR
Holland 10 EUR Orders over 225 EUR
Luxembourg 10 EUR Orders over 225 EUR
Switzerland 16 CHF Orders over 250 CHF
Liechtenstein 16 CHF Orders over 250 CHF

How odd! Contact us through hello@kuokokitchen.com with your name, surname, email and delivery address that you used to receive your order and we will contact you to confirm your order.


Currently we only work with 100% natural wood or bamboo, stainless steel, ceramic and stoneware. That is it, nothing more.

It means that it is produced from 100% natural raw materials, in this case, mainly clay. When fired at very high temperatures, there is a restructuring of the atoms of the material, achieving greater rigidity, resistance and impermeability of the product.

Whatever you want, the sky is the limit! However, and especially when you want to cook something that requires a lot of non-stick, we recommend adding coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil or ghee.

Nope! It could be that after using the product some stains appear on your ceramic KUOKO or you may notice some discoloration. This is due to the fact that all KUOKO ceramic products for cooking are 100% handmade, with only materials of natural origin. However, this does not affect the performance or safety of the product in any way. You can continue using it without problem!

No need to worry! This is because the outer base of the pan has not completely dried out and you have put it on a moderately high heat while it is still damp. If you are going to cook with your KUOKO, we recommend that you heat your utensil over a low heat for a few moments so that any possible traces of water that may have remained in the utensil after the last wash evaporate little by little.

The lid is specially designed to achieve a moderate “rain” effect. The small bumps inside the lid are used so that, when the KUOKO saucepan or cocotte is covered during cooking, any condensation that may be generated will fall on the food, thus preventing it from drying out. In this way, the meat, vegetables or whatever is cooking, will always be tender, juicy and keeping all its flavor!

We are currently working to soon be able to offer you safe and clean ceramic pans free of toxics. However, we recommend you to use our casseroles. Because its walls are not too high, when you use them without the lid and with a little bit of oil for the perfect non-stick, you will achieve the same results than the ones you would get with a pan.