Kuoko grill trays are ideal for any type of preparation since the retention and energy efficiency of the ceramic distributes the heat better at the base, making the ingredients cook better, evenly and to the perfect point.

Ceramic grill-shaped tray to use in the oven, bbq, and more

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All our ceramic utensils are worked with great care and in a 100% handmade way. That is why not all of our products will be identical or exact with each other. They could have some slight differences in shape or color, but this does not affect the quality of the product or its operation in a toxic-free kitchen at all. It is simply the result of our commitment to exclusive, handmade production.

What makes ceramic cookware healthy?

When we cook with conventional pots and pans, many times without having the slightest idea, we are adding microplastics, heavy metals and other toxins to our food.

Cocottes, saucepans and other kitchen utensils, made only with natural ceramics, are the healthiest and most efficient option when preparing food. The ceramic of our utensils is made entirely from top quality natural raw materials. Due to the fact that the material is subjected to very high temperatures, it is very resistant and, therefore, it does not react with food or migrate heavy metals such as cadmium or lead, or chemicals that are harmful to health such as PFOA, PTFE, and other substances. You will notice it in the taste and in your well-being.

On which heat sources can I use Kuoko ceramic trays and grills?

You can use Kuoko ceramic trays and grills on absolutely any type of heat source with the exception of the induction hob. From any type of oven (classic, steam, convection, or even wood ovens!), microwave, gas cooker, induction cooker or directly on grill or electric or charcoal barbecues.

We love using it directly on our barbecue in summer, you avoid burning or charring food and you also save a lot of time when cleaning.

In addition to all the heat sources, the possibilities of our toxic-free ceramic trays and grill trays are limitless. You can put them in the fridge to store the food you haven’t finished, on the serving table, or even in the freezer! Of course, be careful with sudden temperature changes and do not put a tray or grill from the freezer directly on the fire without letting it warm.

What are the benefits of cooking on a grill tray?

We love grilling not only because of the geometric marks it leaves on the ingredients, but also because it is always a very healthy option. When you cook on a grill pan, you are typically eating less fat than if you were cooking on a flat pan. On the one hand, because it is not necessary to put as much oil, butter or Ghee for anti-adherence, and on the other because the excess fat that comes out during cooking stays between the grill slots instead of what happens when we cook. on a flat surface, the fat has nowhere to go and the food we are cooking reabsorbs it over and over again.