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The kitchen ladle is practically the first basic kitchen utensil that comes to mind. It is used mainly to serve food, and not necessarily for only broths, creams and soups. It will also be useful for mixing or stirring.

What material to choose for a kitchen ladle?

Kuoko’s cooking ladles are made of high quality stainless steel. This is the best option since it is a very resistant material that, under normal day-to-day conditions in the kitchen, does not migrate toxic substances or heavy metals into food. It is a sustainable material since, given good use, it can last us a long time. forever and, in addition, it is very easy to clean and can go in the dishwasher.

If you are also looking to fill your kitchen with designer utensils, you have stainless steel ladles with the warm touch of a wooden handle that, in addition, does not heat up when you spend a long time using it on the stove. Keep in mind that these utensils are just as easy to clean, but it is not recommended to put them in the dishwasher, since the handle will end up deteriorating.

What is the ladle with holes for?

The perforated ladle is the best option when we want to serve some food without taking all the liquid with us. The holes allow liquid to drain from the food when serving or cooking.

Either while we are cooking, if we want to remove some food from the pot, keeping the liquid that is being cooked, or to serve food that is accompanied by juices or liquids such as fruits, vegetables or stews.

What are the fork-shaped tines of the spoon for?

The tines in the shape of a spoon or as part of the ladle serve so that the noodles, pasta, or other foods that you are trying to serve do not slip. Use the ladle with holes if you want to get rid of the remaining cooking liquid or the one without holes if what you are trying to serve comes with broth, sauce or liquid.