From the kitchen to the table, ceramic or bamboo wood utensils to serve, present, or cook the best meals and enjoy with family or friends.

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All our ceramic utensils are worked with great care and in a 100% handmade. That is why not all of our products will be identical or exact with each other. There may be small differences in shape or color, but this does not affect the quality of the product or its operation in a toxic-free kitchen at all. It is simply the result of betting on a traditional and exclusive production.

What makes ceramic or bamboo utensils healthy?

When we serve our food in plastic bowls, often without knowing it, we are adding microplastics and other toxins to our food.

Our ceramic or bamboo bowls are the healthy and sustainable option when presenting or preparing food.

The ceramic of our utensils is made entirely from natural raw materials. It is very resistant, it does not react with food and it does not migrate heavy metals such as cadmium or lead, or other chemicals that are harmful to health such as PFOA, PTFE.

Bamboo, on the other hand, is a sustainable and very safe wood in the kitchen, since it is very resistant, not very porous, and it grows very quickly without the need for pesticides.

Why we love ceramic bowls?

Having bowls of different sizes in your kitchen will always come in handy, both for mixing and serving, it is a piece that you can never say you have too many. But the use options do not end in the kitchen, use your bowls to decorate your tables when you have guests at home, or when you simply want to give a special touch to your dining room! The options are endless, whether you don’t fill them, or if you decide to fill them with grapes in the summer or mini pumpkins in the fall, they will give a special touch to your table.