Always have your kitchen and cabinets well organized with Kuoko’s ceramic jars. Find the size you need to store and always have on hand everything you need such as pasta, rice, salt, nuts or whatever you may need.

Keep your kitchen in place with our ceramic canisters

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On many occasions we put on automatic pilot when we use kitchen utensils such as ladles, peelers, spatulas or whisks, but we are going to give them a little more prominence since, after all, they are also essential when preparing, serving or cook.

Having the food in your kitchen and pantry well-ordered and organized in high-quality ceramic jars will make your day-to-day in the kitchen much easier and, surely, will allow you to have more space to store or cook.

Why choose ceramic storage canisters?

It will cost us more or less, but we all love having a well-ordered and organized kitchen and cabinets, knowing where each ingredient or utensil is stored and even having those that we use most often on a daily basis always at hand.

When choosing a good material to store and store all the ingredients such as pasta, nuts, rice, flour, sugar, salt or whatever you need, glass or ceramic are the best options. However, we recommend ceramic as it not only perfectly keeps the ingredient in its purest state, it also protects it from sunlight.

Do Kuoko storage canisters have hermetic closure?

Our ceramic jars do not have a hermetic seal. They are made of 100% natural ceramic, so they can go in the dishwasher, microwave or oven, and they come with a bamboo lid that includes a small silicone ring so that the jars remain completely closed and thus keep food fresh. for longer.