Cookware made of high-quality stainless steel or wood. All the complements and accessories you need to help you prepare delicious recipes in a healthy and completely toxic-free way.

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We usually put the automatic mode when we use kitchen utensils such as ladles, peelers, spatulas or whisks, but we are going to give them a little credit since, after all, they are also essential when preparing, serving or cooking. Having a good selection of high-quality kitchen utensils will make your day-to-day in the kitchen much easier, more agile, efficient and comfortable.

What materials should be used for cookware?

We recommend using only stainless steel or bamboo or beech wood utensils. Both materials are a sustainable and safe option when it comes to cooking since they are free of plastics or other substances that, when in contact with the ingredients, or when we subject them to high temperatures, end up migrating to our food.

Is stainless steel cookware safe to cook with?

You will have heard many times that it is better not to use stainless steel utensils, and it is totally true, since when you use them while cooking in a paella or conventional pot, you end up scratching and damaging the coating. Which means that, on the one hand, the non-stick benefits disappear and, on the other, the toxic substances that the industrial coating and/or paella could be made of end up on your plate.

However, our saucepans, cocottes, tagines and other cooking utensils are made 100% ceramic, and are so resistant that not even stainless steel resists them, so it will neither scratch nor damage the product. We recommend always using these utensils when cooking. These cookware will last you a lifetime (or longer!) and you won’t have to worry about microplastics or other particles that other materials can release during use.