Design and functionality come together in toxic-free ceramic casseroles. Kuoko saucepans are ideal for cooking countless healthy and delicious recipes. It starts cooking on the fire and ends with a touch of oven, very easy, without the need for extra utensils and, most importantly, keeping the flavor of the ingredients and nothing else.

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All our ceramic utensils are worked with great care and completely by hand. For this reason, not all of our products will be identical or exact with each other. There may be small differences in shape or color, but this will not affect the quality of the product or its operation in a toxic-free kitchen. It is simply the result of betting on a completely traditional and exclusive production.

What makes ceramic cookware healthy?

When we cook with conventional pots and pans, many times without knowing it, we are incorporating microplastics, heavy metals and other toxins into our food.

Cocottes, saucepans and other kitchen utensils, made only with natural ceramics, are the best option in terms of health and efficiency when preparing food. The ceramic of our utensils is made entirely from natural raw materials. Due to the fact that the material is subjected to very high temperatures, it is very resistant and, therefore, it does not react with food or migrate heavy metals such as cadmium or lead, or chemicals that are harmful to health such as PFOA, PTFE, and others. substances. You will notice it in the taste and in your well-being.

On which heat sources can I use Kuoko ceramic casseroles?

You can use the pans on absolutely any type of heat source: induction, microwave, gas stove, ceramic hob, oven, and directly over a fire such as a barbecue or natural charcoal grill.

In addition to all heat sources, the versatility of toxic-free ceramic casseroles is limitless. You can put them in the fridge to store the food you haven’t finished, on the table to serve, or even freeze it! Of course, be careful with sudden changes in temperature and do not put a casserole from the freezer on the fire at once.

What size casserole is the most suitable for you?

We know that sometimes choosing the size of a saucepan can be difficult. Don’t worry, we make it easy for you! Approximately and of course depending on how hungry one may be, we recommend using the 20cm casserole when cooking for 1 or 2 people; for 3 or 4 people we would cook with the 25cm casserole; and for 5 or 6 people we recommend the 29.5cm casserole.

What is the difference between a casserole and a cocotte?

There are not many differences between a casserole and a cocotte. We highlight two: its appearance and its use. On the one hand, the walls of the casseroles are not as high as those of a cocotte and, on the other hand, despite the fact that the cooking options in both are endless, the cocottes are oriented towards stews, soups, and broths, while The casserole is ideal for rice dishes, fideuá, stir-fry, stir-fry or sauces. Little trick? Take the lid off your casserole and you will have a non-toxic pan in your kitchen!