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Strainers are kitchen utensils that are mainly used to clean fruits and vegetables or strain some foods after cooking, such as pasta.

Find the strainer in the shape or size that best suits your needs.

Different uses that you can give to a strainer

If you still don’t know if you need a strainer or not, we’ve listed below some of the uses that we give to strainers, but the different options are endless!

  1. To strain foods packaged in cans or jars, especially when you want to preserve the liquid in which they come, it is as easy as placing the strainer over a bowl and pouring all the contents into
  2. Keep the product fresh: some foods such as red fruits, mushrooms, or grapes, which tend to be more humid, spoil more quickly. If you keep them inside a strainer in the fridge, the moisture in the food will dry out much faster, thus extending the life of the
  3. To protect yourself during cooking: invert it and use it as a lid for your casserole or cocotte when you are cooking with oil or any sauce that spatters easily. This allows the heat and steam generated to go away, but keeps everything else in This works because the steam molecules are much smaller than the fat molecules, so the former can escape through the holes.
  1. Steaming: Put the vegetables in a stainless steel colander and place it in a pot or pan with Leaving a space between water and the strainer. Your vegetables will be steamed without a problem!