Healthy ways of cooking

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To prepare healthy cooking, it is not enough to just choose the best ingredients or consider the importance of minerals in our diet; we also need to consider the cooking methods we use. In fact, there are many healthy ways to cook food that are beneficial to our bodies.

If you want to discover which ones, keep reading! In this article from Kuoko, we explain in a simple and quick way how to cook healthier.

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5 Healthy Ways to Cook Food

1. Steaming

One of the healthiest ways to cook is by steaming. This method keeps the nutrients in the food intact and avoids the need to add additional fats. It is also an ideal technique for highlighting the natural flavors of the ingredients and can be done in many ways: you can steam in a traditional bamboo basket, an electric steamer, or even in the microwave.

2. Baking

Baking in the oven is another healthy technique that brings out the flavor of the food without adding unnecessary calories. You can lightly drizzle your ingredients with a bit of olive oil before baking, or simply season them with herbs and spices to enhance their flavor. However, avoid fatty sauces and dressings.

3. Grilling

Grilling or grilling is an excellent option for healthy cooking because it allows the fat to drain from the food as it cooks. However, as with baking, it’s important to avoid marinades or rubs high in sugar or salt, as this negates the desired effect. Instead, to add flavor, you can use fresh herbs, lemon, or vinegar.

4. En Papillote

Cooking en papillote involves wrapping the food in aluminum foil to create a sealed package that causes the ingredients to steam in their own juices as they cook.

This type of cooking can be done in the oven, microwave, or steamer, depending on the type of wrap used.

5. Stir-Frying or Wok Cooking

This quick and easy cooking technique allows you to cook food quickly at high heat, helping to retain its nutrients. You can use olive oil or coconut oil in moderation, along with garlic, onion, ginger, and other spices for flavor.

How to Cook Healthily

In addition to the healthy cooking techniques mentioned above, it’s important to pay attention to other factors:

  1. Always choose fresh and natural foods and avoid processed and ultra-processed products.
  2. Use sugar, salt, and saturated fats in moderation.
  3. Opt for low-fat ingredients, such as lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, and legumes.

That’s all! As you can see, cooking healthy is much easier than it seems and, in some cases, even faster and more convenient than other types of cooking! So, if you want to improve your eating habits, don’t hesitate to follow our tips and start taking care of your diet!