How to make a healthy Christmas dinner


If you’re tired of spending more time digesting Christmas food than enjoying it, you’ve probably wondered more than once what would happen if you opt for cooking a healthier Christmas menu.

At Kuoko, we have the answer to your question! Contrary to what you might think, your family won’t disown you, and no one will start the year worse off for not eating all the candy they can during those days. In fact, making a healthy Christmas dinner will bring many more benefits than problems to your family.

So, in this article, we’ll share some tips for eating healthy at Christmas. Here we go!

Tips for Eating Healthy at Christmas

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Plan Your Menu and Shop Consciously

Don’t be swayed by your eyes when you go to the supermarket, and avoid buying unnecessary sweets and excess appetizers. When planning your menu, consider the balance of food groups and include a variety of vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains to ensure a complete and nutritious meal. You can organize a grand feast with nutritious food, but the key is to plan everything properly.

Control Portions

Moderation is key during the holiday season. Controlling portions helps avoid excess calories. To achieve this, you can opt for smaller plates to trick your brain and feel satisfied with less quantity. Another trick is to include in your menu appetizers with nuts or other healthy alternatives that induce a feeling of fullness.

Use Healthy Alternatives

Replace high-calorie and fatty ingredients with healthier options. For example, use olive oil instead of butter and choose lean meats like turkey or salmon instead of greasier options.

Benefits of Having a Healthy Christmas Dinner

In addition to the obvious health benefits of eating better at Christmas, there are other factors that make it interesting to organize healthier Christmas meals:

  • Save Money: If you’re used to leftovers from Christmas meals lasting for several days, changing your menu to a healthier one will make a difference. Not that you’ll have less leftover food, but by planning better and considering quantities, you’ll inevitably buy what you need, avoiding excess food and saving on your shopping list.
  • Better Weight Control: Most people tend to gain a little weight at Christmas due to the high calorie intake and the holiday mood. However, if you opt for healthier food options, you can better maintain your weight during the festivities.
  • More Energy: A balanced diet provides the necessary nutrients to maintain high energy levels. This will be especially useful if you have young children and need to keep them entertained throughout the holidays. Family life is beautiful but tiring, so a good dose of energy will come in handy. Moreover, some healthy foods, like turkey, are rich in tryptophan, an ingredient with relaxing properties that will help reduce stress. If you still have gifts to buy, your diet can help you go through the process calmly.
  • Strengthened Immune System: Nutrient-rich foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, contain vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immune system. This is especially important during the cold and flu season.

As you can see, a good healthy Christmas dinner can not only be delicious but also help you stay healthier for the rest of the winter, with notable benefits that will affect your overall health and quality of life. So, this year, don’t think twice! Prepare a healthy Christmas dinner and enjoy a healthy end to the year.