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What is bamboo and why use it in a toxic-free kitchen

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Do you know what is bamboo and why is it the perfect material for kitchen utensils? The bamboo plant is one of the most renewable materials in the world, if you want to find out in detail what is it and why is it used in the kitchen, keep reading!

What is bamboo?

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For many years, bamboo has been considered a tree, but the reality is that if you look at it from a scientific point of view, it is not a tree, it is a plant.It is a grass, like for example corn, rice or wheat and they belong to the Bambusoideaes subfamily.

It is a fast growing, perennial plant in almost all of its species. In some cases, it can even, unbelievably, grow over 80cm per day.

What species of bamboo exist?

Bamboo is a very diverse group but we can say that there are 3 different main species. Keep reading to discover them:

Bambusa bamboo

This kind are the ones that have a higher hight. Its trunk is hard, strong, and woody. They are empty on the inside. They have traditionally been used as cabins structures in Asian countries.

Phyllostachys bamboo

This bamboo has a bit of a golden or black colored stem and it is frequently used for interiors. Its roots are very invasive and they can even break fragile pots, but they are still ideal plants for decoration.

Sasa bamboo

Its a small-sized kind of bamboo It is usually sowed in pots since its roots can extend a lot and thus invade other plants spaces.

Bamboo in the kitchen

Truth is that bamboo, because of its properties, has so many uses. One of this uses is in our kitchens. There are so many kitchen utensils made of bamboo and they are all ideal.

It is like that because the bamboo fibers have a substance called “Bamboo Kun” that provides the wood with antibacterial and antifungal properties. That allows the bamboo crops to easily grow without the use of pesticides, avoiding unnecessary toxic substances sprayed on it and ending in our kitchen. At the same time. it is only a good thing for the environment.

In our shop you will be able to find different bamboo wood utensils. In addition, you will also find other utensils made with worry-free materials in the kitchen.

Some people might think that because it is bamboo wood, it is not a strong and resistant material and it’s going to break and deteriorate fast. This is only far from reality, different to other woods, bamboo is one of the most heat, smells, and water resistant woods. That is thanks to its low porosity, it doesn’t absorb humidity, thus we reduce the likelihood of bacterial growth.

We hope you’ve liked this post about bamboo and that we’ve helped you understand how important this material is to have in the kitchen alongside the different varieties of bamboos. Thank you for your time and see you soon!