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5 tricks to make organizing the pantry a piece of cake, step by step

Is your kitchen in chaos and you don’t know where to start? At KUOKO we are clear: one of the most effective ways to maintain order in the kitchen is, without a doubt, to organize the pantry.

The place where we store our ingredients and items is one of the most frequented in the kitchen throughout the day. If your pantry is a jumble of food and packages that are here and there —in addition to making it difficult for you to find what you are looking for—, this visual disorder can become, as soon as you open the cupboard door, a reason for discouragement.

With this article, we want to help you create a system to organize the pantry that works for you, adapting to the needs of your kitchen on a day-to-day basis.

Take out the notebook and take note because we have prepared 5 tricks so that organizing the pantry is a piece of cake, easy and fast.Let’s go!

How to organize the pantry at home? 5 easy steps to achieve it

How to organize the home pantry? As a professional would do and even with a little more taste and ingenuity! The goal of organizing your pantry is to make it easy to see what you have in hand, quickly find what you need when you’re preparing a meal, and avoid wasting expired food forgotten in the back of your pantry.

Now that our priorities are clear, are you all set to learn how to organize your pantry at home? There are many things you can do to make sure your pantry stays tidy and atKUOKO we have summarized them in 5 easy steps:

  1. To organize the pantry at home, start by taking everything out and separating it into three groups: keep, throw away and use as soon as possible (oh, those forgotten foods…!). Now that everything is out, take advantage of this moment to do a thorough cleaning of the shelves and drawers.
  2. Classify all those products that you want to keep by category (rice and pasta, preserves, pastries, appetizers…) and, in turn, by size and container.
  3. Once classified, look for the most suitable place according to their use. Here is our recommendation:
  • Appetizers and snacks always in an area that you can easily access when you’re hungry and want a quick snack.
  • Keep the items you use most frequently in your recipes where you can see them so you can reach them easily while cooking.
  • Canned goods, dried products and other types of items with a more distant expiration date, you can afford to put them further in the background. Of course, try to keep everything at hand and, as long as possible, in sight.

Ok, up to here, these three steps were strictly about order. Now comes the fun part: to organize your pantry in a way that conveys calm and harmony.Taking care of the aesthetics of your pantry is part of the process to turn it into a practical storage space. These last two steps are very simple, but they are the ones that will make the difference:

  1. Get rid of factory packages and packaging. Instead, use ceramic jars, and containers that fit the space you have in the cupboard. This will not only favor the organization of your pantry, with a more homogeneous appearance, but will also improve food preservation. To make them easier to identify, you can always name them with stickers or chalkboard labels.
  2. The last step to organize your home pantry is to incorporate baskets, they can be made of wicker or wood, for smaller items such as spices, nuts, etc. This way you will have everything collected in a single drawer that will also add a touch of style to your shelves.

Space problems? Ideas to organize a small pantry

Did you think we were leaving without giving some extra tips to save space in a small pantry? None of that, we are here to get you out of a tight spot!

We know how frustrating it can be to be passionate about cooking and having a small space where you can never find anything. Don’t worry, we also have some ideas for you to organize a small pantry:

  1. Use shelf dividers to group items by category.
  2. Take advantage of vertical space and get stackable containers They are perfect for saving time while cooking and take up less space than other options such as traditional boxes or containers.
  3. Take advantage of free spaces with additional shelves. hey are hooked with clips to the upper shelf, remaining “in the air”. They are a perfect option to gain some storage and organize your small pantry.
  4. Don’t forget about the door! A very good idea to organize a small pantry is to integrate a small shelf that you can hang on the cupboard door itself. They are a great solution for spice jars, for example.

Now that you know the 5 fundamental tricks to organize your pantry, it’s time to apply them! ¿Have you found these tips useful? Follow us on our social media for more non-toxic organization, food and cooking ideas by clicking here.