How to make healthy summer smoothies


In summer, it’s just as important to stay hydrated as it is to eat properly, obtaining essential nutrients and vitamins. To achieve both, one of the most popular options is to consume refreshing smoothies made from fruits, milk, or even ice cream. If your idea was to stay fit during the holidays, we imagine you want to forget about the ice cream part and focus more on the fruit. That’s why, at Kuoko, we want to explain how to make delicious and refreshing fruit smoothies.

Get your shopping list out and take note! Here we bring you a list of fruit combinations that you can use throughout the entire vacation without getting tired of them.

What Fruits Can You Mix in a Smoothie?

summer watermelon smoothie
There are many fruit combinations for juices, and there’s no strict rule because it totally depends on your personal taste, but here are some typical ones:

Fruit Smoothies with Milk

  • Peach and Lemon: It is recommended to add six peaches, along with the juice of two lemons and 400 ml of milk. It has a very refreshing acidic and sweet touch.
  • Banana, strawberries, blueberries, and milk. A combination of antioxidants and healthy fiber for the summer. To sweeten it, you can add some honey.
  • Forest fruit smoothie.

Fruit Smoothies without Milk

  • Orange with Apple.
  • Mango with Passion Fruit.
  • Watermelon with Strawberry.
  • Mango with Orange. Cut half a mango into pieces and mix it with the juice of one freshly squeezed orange.
  • Pineapple with Mango or Coconut (you can add coconut milk).
  • Banana with Pear or Papaya.
  • Orange with Strawberries.

As you can see, the combinations can be endless, and the preparation process is always the same! You just have to select the fruit you fancy and blend the combination together. Obviously, it’s healthiest to drink it all, but those who want to get rid of the lumps can strain the mixture through a strainer and drink it more liquid. As for the density, you can make your smoothie thicker depending on the amount of milk or yogurt you add.

What’s the Difference Between a Smoothie and a Juice?

smoothie blender fruit
Although we commonly use the term “smoothie” to refer to all fruit smoothies with milk, there’s a certain difference between a juice and a smoothie.

Firstly, smoothies are usually made with a base of previously frozen fruits. Therefore, they have a creamier texture. They are usually combined with milk, plant-based milk, or juices. They can also be made with ice cream. The general rule is that a smoothie will always have some ingredient beyond just fruit.

In contrast, juices can be made with just fruits, as they are those in which all the fruit is processed together. They tend to be much more liquid and can be diluted with water or milk, but this is optional.

Both options are healthy refreshing drinks because mixing with milk provides many nutrients, and fruit alone provides many vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Are you feeling tempted to try them? From Kuoko, we encourage you to do so! Get inspired this summer and practice the art of smoothie making! We’re sure they’ll turn out wonderfully.