Signs that you are overloading on toxins

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Every day of our lives we are exposed to various substances and chemicals that can accumulate in our bodies. Whether it is through food packaging or the toxins present in some kitchen utensils or other products. While it is true that our own body has its own systems for eliminating these toxins, there are certain ways in which we can contribute to this elimination. But before doing so, we must first identify whether our body has been exposed to too many toxins and thus is overloaded.

How do you know if you have an excess of toxins in your body? There are some clear indicators, and here we tell you about them!

Warning signs your body is suffering from toxin overload

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Fatigue, lack of energy and body ache

One of the main signs of toxins buildup is a lack of energy, as the organs stop functioning perfectly and this increases the feeling of fatigue. In addition, since it also adds to the body’s inflammation burden, it is very common to have aches and pains for no apparent reason.

Digestive problems

The feeling of heaviness also invades our stomach when we are overloaded with toxins. Gas, slow digestion, intestinal discomfort… Sometimes it can even lead to nausea, constipation or diarrhoea.

Sudden changes in the skin

Generally, dry skin is a clear sign of toxins overload in the body, but it can also cause rashes, acne or a loss of radiance, becoming duller or flaccid. In fact, sudden changes in the skin are a symptom of many other conditions, so it is important to pay attention to it. They say that the eyes are the reflection of the soul, but the skin is the reflection of our organism, so take a good look at yourself.

Weight gain

The accumulation of toxins significantly affects the metabolism, reducing the ability to burn fat. If you haven’t changed your diet or exercise routine and have still noticed weight gain, it could be due to an overload of toxins in the body.

Thicker urine

Both the smell and the colour of the urine changes, becoming denser and more intense. In addition, the overload of toxins increases fluid retention, so it will also be common to feel bloated as a result.

How to detox your body?

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La desintoxicación de toxinas es un proceso que intenta restablecer el equilibrio interno, eliminando dichas toxinas y promoviendo la salud en general. Por eso, la mejor forma de liberar toxinas es cuidar tu alimentación. 

Toxins detoxification is a process that aims to restore internal balance, eliminating toxins and promoting overall health. Therefore, the best way to get rid of extra toxins is to take care of your diet.

  • Eat natural foods: fruits, beans, vegetables…
  • Avoid saturated fats.
  • Replace red meat with white meat, fish or eggs.
  • Steam, boil and grill. Use little salt and use toxic-free kitchenware.
  • Drink plenty of water, specially before and in between your meals.
  • Exercise regularly.

Symptoms to expect from a detox

Probably, you are now wondering what happens when the body detoxifies, that is, once we have gotten rid of all those extra toxins, how does our body react to it?

First of all, you will notice that all the symptoms mentioned above will fade away: your digestive system will function regularly, your energy will return, your skin will regain its glow and, if you have gained weight, you will surely return to your previous state. In addition to all this, your blood circulation will improve and you will notice that you breathe better.

Benefits of non-toxic kitchen and cookware

Toxic-free cookware, such as the KUOKO stainless steel or ceramic cookware, does not release harmful chemicals during cooking. This significantly helps to reduce our exposure to external toxins. Also, they are very easy to clean and maintain, as they prevent the build-up of bacteria and residues. Take a look at our catalogue and start your toxic-free lifestyle!